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With the help of an IELTS certificate maker, it is now possible to create a genuine-looking IELTS certificate in just a few steps. This fake ielts result maker allows you to create your own ielts certificate for fun. By using the ielts certificate generator, students can quickly generate their own certificates without the need of an expert.

The IELTS certificate maker offers a wide range of features that make it easy to customize and personalize your certificates. With this tool you can make your own ielts certificates with ease and showcase the document to your friends. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to create a fake-looking IELTS certificate, then this is the perfect solution for you!


However, here are services you can easily use to get a legit IELTS certificate that you can use globally without any restrictions. So in case you are looking for such option in order to get yourself registered, then we are here for you. We are on a mission of helping candidates globally validate their exams without any stress. We have other partners that offer similar services when it comes to other language proficiency exams. 

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Fake IELTS Result Maker

ielts certificate maker online tool

Fake IELTS Certificate maker

In addition, using the fake IELTS Certificate maker too, it is also possible to customize your fake IELTS certificate using various features. With these features you can change the name on the document, as well as other details such as score and date of issue. With this tool, anyone can make their own IELTS certificate in no time.

By filling your information on the form and submitting it, you have the opportunity to generate your own customize ielts certificate with any scores of your choice.

IELTS Certificate Generator

IELTS Certificate Generator. In as much as we may have provided this tool the general public, it’s not an alternative of taking the test or getting a legitimate IELTS certificate online. We encourage not use this certificate officially. You can as well  Order for an IELTS UKVI Certificate.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I use this certificate officially?-  No you can’t use a fake certificate officially. We discourage such act.  What you get from this tool can’t be used.
  • Is it similar to what you get from the British council and IDP Education? Yes it comes along with all the official features including the administrator stamps and signatures.
  • Do I get certificate instantly after generating it? Yes it’s possible to get your certificate instantly after submitting the information required by the tool and you contact the support on WhatsApp for approval.
  • How do I get my generated IELTS Certificate?- The tool requires you to submit your email address. This email address is then used by our administrator to email your certificate to you.
  • Is my information  safe or is there any risk of getting caught by using this tool?- This  tool has no link with the officials api’s. So you are completely anonymous and your information is end to end encrypted. And we do not misuse your information in anyway like marketing or selling them to third parties. 
  • How can you people me help to get a genuine certificate instead?- We are here to help people crack their IELTS test with ease and without taking the exams. In case you are looking forward to an officially approved IELTS certificate, you can use one of our following services : IELTS Without exam, IELTS Proxy, Buy Leaked IELTS exam papers or update your IELTS scores.
  • How can I contact you people in case I need more assistance? Click on the WhatsApp button and talk to an agent. Or simply visit our FAQ page in case you need more clarifications.

Firstly , Organize and structure your information. Evaluate the form and make sure you have all the information required.


Secondly, Fill the information in the form as required by the form fields. Insure you complete the form before you submit.


Thirdly, Submit the form, click on the Validate Certificate link, to validate your download. Within 24 hours, you shall receive an email .

IELTS Certificate Maker Tool

Disclaimer: This tool is not a substitute of taking an IELTS test to fulfil a requirement. Or getting an IELTS certificate without exam that comes registered in the system and verifiable online. This tool was designed to create dummy certificate for fun or pranks. We do not encourage you to use it officially because, using a fake certificate, will lead to a total ban of 5 years. We encourage you to take this note suriously.

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