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 Buy Genuine IELTS Certificate Online from us. It should be obvious you have tried and tested the normal route in order to achieve a desirable IELTS Scores. It took you some hours of practice, going through resources so you will be able to get it right on the examination date. Well many have reported this to us and we came up with some tips to help you go through using, IELTS Proxy method, IELTS without exam, Upgrade IELTS scores or simply get leaked IELTS exam papers.

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IELTS Proxy? in case ielts without exam is not part of the plan or you don’t have any scores to upgrade, you can let someone take test on your behalf. 

With the help of officials in the various center units, it’s possible to let someone handle your test on your behalf after registering for the test. Most at times you won’t find this option opened to the public due to its expensive nature. You will always find the term IELTS proxy when referring to this option. Candidates who have used it in the past can testify about the result they got at the end.

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Leaked ielts exam papers and answers. If you wish to gain full access to the upcoming examination questions papers, we can easily source them for you. We prepare them and grant you access to them.  This can be done before your test date. 

We encourage you to note that, the papers come exactly the same and we give you the opportunity to have access to the keys/answers which will help you prepare better and to  make you have more confidence in what awaits you on the examination date. With all these resources, you can even crack up to band 8 in case you choose to.

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Upgrade IELTS Scores in case ielts without exam , IELTS proxy, exam papers and the rest wasn’t for you.

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IELTS scores modification is the most used when it comes to those who already took the test and aren’t happy with their results. We use this procedure to reassign your scores with the scores you desire. All approved and verifiable on the British Council and IDP official website

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