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IELTS CERTIFICATE WITHOUT EXAM A MYTH? Buy IELTS Certificate online and unlock your desired scores. Buying an IELTS Certificate without exam nowadays, is something that is being used by many  to easily unlock their desired scores with just a click. Here at Validate Exams, you can easily Buy a genuine IELTS certificate Online,  since we have dedicated our access, resources and links we have with the British Council and IDP to make this dream come true. We have assisted a lot of people so far by helping them to obtain from 6.0 band to 9.0 overall without any stress. Our services are fast and reliable. Everyone and anywhere you are in the world can apply to get your exact band scores using any of our services.

Our quick and secured process, can help you save months of stress, preparations and trials. Get certified with a legal, authentic and registered IELTS certificate from Validate Exams.  With us your success is our priority. Come let’s register you in the system and grant you your desired scores. 

In the sections below, we shall discuss about the following: Why buy an IELTS Certificate ? What is the process of buying an IELTS Certificate Online? the benefits of buying an IELTS certificate and the risk of buying an IELTS certificate Online.

Why Buy IELTS An Certificate Online?

You may want to buy an IELTS certificate over taking the test for many vital reasons. The traditional way consist of you taking the test under an approved British Council or IDP Center.  More reason why buying an IELTS certificate instead, might seem quite surprising in the eyes of many IELTS aspirants. But the end goal is to understand that, the road you use in obtaining your certificate solely depends on your means and what you prefer.

This backdoor is available to everyone who doesn’t wish to take the test or stress about preparation as a whole. Buying an IELTS certificate without exam, has been trending for a very longtime. This not new especially to those who are familiar with buying documents online. Looking for registered IELTS certificate?
Buying an IELTS certificate without exam, offers several advantages. It’s easier to obtain than taking the test, it’s more cost-effective, and you don’t need to go through all of the hassle or stress associated with taking a test. This makes it a great option for those who need their scores fast or those who simply don’t have the time or resources needed for preparing for and taking an exam. How to buy ielts leaked exam papers.

Just by buying a genuine IELTS certificate, you can fulfill all the necessary requirements for applying for jobs or universities in foreign countries. It also eliminates the need for expensive online courses, preparation required for getting a valid IELTS score using the test. And most at times you end up not getting the exact scores you are being required to submit. Moreover, with a valid IELTS certificate in hand, you can easily apply for visas without any stress since the immigration always request for it to validate your language proficiency requirement. Let us speed up your IELTS obtention and visa process. Have some questions? Click here!!


The Process of Buying an IELTS Certificate Online

Buy IELTS Certificate Online

 The process of Buying an IELTS certificate is straight forward and simple. Simply locate a reputable agent online and get it done.

It took you hours of practice, going through unlimited resources so you will be able to get it right on the examination day, only to end up with low scores. Well many have reported this to us only to discover that it could have cost them just a click online to get themselves a registered IELTS certificate.

The only thing you needed to do, was to use google in order to get in touch with professionals in this field like us.
To buy an IELTS certificate from us, you have to do the following:

  1. Click on the WhatsApp button to get in touch with one of our support agents.
  2.  Get all insights in regards to the process
  3. Submit your complete information and desired scores
  4. Pay the fee required 
  5. Our experts will then proceed  to execute your request

The Benefits of Buying an IELTS Certificate Online

The benefits of buying an IELTS certificate, are enormous. This is a tested and approved service and most used by hundreds out there in search of quick IELTS solutions and opportunities. The most interesting and exciting thing about this registration, is that it’s official and verifiable. We really can’t list all the benefits you get just by using this stress free route. Here are some few below:

  • It helps you bypass all the preparation required in order to take the test and get certified
  • It gives you the possibilities to get the exact scores you might be targeting
  • Your registration is done from the comfort of your home. Our experts do all the hard work on your behalf
  • It helps you save time and money
  • You become the author of your future and not the examiners

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The Benefits of Buying an IELTS Certificate Online
The Risk Of Buying an IELTS Certificate Without exam
The Risk Of Buying an IELTS Certificate

Buying an IELTS certificate may sound cool, but trusting the wrong agent or agency, can lead you to your downfall. There is scam in every field and sector in life. Do due diligence is all you need to rely on before getting started with buying an IELTS certificate.

You can easily end up with a Fake Certificate. IELTS is not just a piece of paper, but a registered document that can be verified Online by officials in case you possess one with the intention of fulfilling a requirement. And getting caught with a fake document can lead to years of ban. So choosing the right agent for your registration is a must.

Who should I trust?

We have taken time to work with officials and insiders to make this possible. If this is what you are looking for, then trusting us should be your next decision in case you wish to get a Real, Authentic IELTS Certificate. We strictly offer registered IELTS certificates.  It’s legitimate and approved by the idp education and british council systems. More reason why we give our clients the opportunity to verify the certificate on their own before using it officially. You can learn how to verify an IELTS certificate online here.
Our candidates reviews says it all.

How to Choose the right IELTS certificate for you

It’s important to know the different types of IELTS , their modules and their delivery mode before you get started with your IELTS journey.

IELTS Providers

IELTS Has 2 main Providers:


It’s important to note that, the certificate you get from any of the providers, is considered as an IELTS requirement. There is no such difference or criteria as one being better than the other. You use any based on what is accessible in your location.


There are 4 types of IELTS:

1- IELTS Academic: This IELTS type is strictly for those who wish to study abroad or enroll for an English course. Take this if you want to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Universities usually request you to submit an IELTS  Academic Certificate. It measures your English language skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

2- IELTS General Training: Designed for those planning to work abroad. Take this as well if you want to study below degree.  Working class, business people or even tourists can also take this. This test type also measures your language skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

3IELTS for UK Visas: This IELTS type is UK government approved. Take IELTS UKVI  if you need a work/spouse visa, or you are planning to take a course below degree level. You can order for an IELTS UKVI certificate from us. 

4-IELTS Life Skills:  Similar to the IELTS UKVI, IELTS for Life Skills only measures your Listening and speaking skills. You can use it to apply for a family visa, apply for a citizenship or work.  

IELTS Modules

The IELTS modules is all about how the candidate wishes to take the test. There are 2 main modules: Computer Test and Pen and Paper test.

1- Computer Test:  Take this if you are comfortable using computers. The computer module results come out 3 to 5 days from the test date. 

2- Pen and Paper Test: Take this if you feel more comfortable taking the test using the traditional pen and paper method. The result of this module comes out 13 days from the test date.

It’s important to note that, the certificate you get using any of the above mentioned modules are all the same in terms of credibility and usability. In the IELTS certificate without exam can be that ultimate solution for you.


We always insure your data safety comes first. Most people are worried about the safety of their information when applying for these type of services. It’s very important to have such level of uncertainty when it comes to your reputation and the distribution of your personal information to the general public. Visit our frequently asked questions page.

We have handled tones of registrations in the past, and we have always insured that our clients personal information remains safe and has zero violation. We handle everything with caution, and we make sure you do not get any issue in the future. Unlike other agencies that put your data at risk and many people get banned due to the fact that, they obtained a fake document and tried to use it for official purposes. You are safe with us, and we make sure you verify your ielts certificate online using one of the verification tools.  Check our PTE Certificate maker tool.

List of all the services we offer here: 

  1. Buy Leaked IELTS exam papers with answers
  2. Apply for IELTS proxy
  3. Update your IELTS past scores
  4.  IELTS certificate verification

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