Frequently Asked questions

how can i trust you

 We are good at what we do here. We have registered from hundreds to thousands of candidates across the world. We offer authentic IELTS certifications that are verifiable by you before using it officially. We make sure verification is done by you before any official usage. Tested, proven and verified.  Trust us anytime any day. 

We offer great services like IELTS Without Exam, Try IELTS certificate maker.  Upgrade IELTS Past Scores, grant IELTS Exam Papers. IELTS Certificate Verification Guides. Click here to check our portfolio and candidates feedback. 

Is this genuine?

Yes all the registrations we have done in the past, are 100% verifiable in the british council and idp official websites and databases. Unless a certificate is genuine, before you will be able to use  officially.  So  pay close attention to authenticity. Checkout IELTS Certificate Verifications Guides.

List of all the services we offer here: 

  1. You can buy  IELTS Certificate Without exam from us
  2. Buy Leaked IELTS exam papers with answers
  3. Apply for IELTS proxy and let someone take the test on your behalf
  4. Update your IELTS past scores
  5. Buy IELTS Life Skills Certificate Online


Will i get banned if i use any of these methods?

We pay attention to online verification and that should be the ultimate result you should expect at the end of the day. We do not encourage the usage of fake documents because it can lead you into trouble. We make sure you verify yourself online using one of the verification tools available online

Can i use this certificate for immigration, study or any legal purpose?

Yes you are registering yourself to use this certificate somewhere. It’s official and you can use as long as you get the chance to verify it yourself online on the various official websites

Can I get caught?

No!! Why should you pay for something and endangered yourself at the same time? We do due diligence in the course of registering you. Everything stays confidential and we always prioritized  our clients safety. 

How can i get started?

It’s very simple and straight forward. Simply click on the WhatsApp button and get more support from our support team. 

is my information safe?

Yes your information is safe. You data safety and privacy, is our priority. You can trust us with your information and we will never share or violate it.  

How long does it take?

This depends on the type of service you are interested in. But the top offers takes approximately 5-7 days only. 

what is the payment plan?

All clients that wish to apply for any of our services, must do an initial deposit that will be used to execute their request, while they complete the balance when everything is done and they confirm themselves. For more insights, click on the WhatsApp button and discuss with our support manager. 

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Basically we offer a lot of IELTS services that will enable you to crack your test with a go. Picking the right option is very important.

identify the band scores you need

We advise you to evaluate the requirements asked by the institution requesting an ielts certification from you. Then update us from there

contact an agent to process your request

You can click the WhatsApp button on this page in order to get started. Our support agent is waiting to hear from you.