How To Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate

How To Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate guide. Learning how to verify IDP India IELTS Certificate is an important skill for every Indian out there in possession of an IELTS certificate and wishes to know about it’s credibility status. The IELTS is The most taken English exam in the world. It’s credibility stands as the most accepted English language proficiency test exam in the world. India stands as the country with the most IELTS test takers in the world. It is the most populated country in the world with an amazing cultural diversity. English happens to be an imported language in the country. It is compulsory for everyone wishing to leave India, to take an English course and exam to proof their abilities in using the language. You will learn more about how verify an IDP IELTS certificate and steps to Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate Online

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IDP Education became the only IELTS test provider in India since July 2021, after buying British Council’s IELTS business. In as much as the IELTS test exists, agents and some agencies have managed to create backdoors, to distribute these certificates to Indian candidates and across the world without them taking the exams. Majority of the people who use these routes, are those who are not deeply rooted in using the English language. But you will really not blame them given that English is just a foreign language which they have no mastery on. You also can read how to buy an IELTS certificate in INDIA.

Nevertheless, authenticity worries became the topic of the day, when candidates started getting themselves into trouble when trying to use a fake IELTS certificate legitimately. By buying an IELTS certificate from an unprofessional or illegitimate sources, you can easily end up with a fake certificate. However, doing a proper verification can save you from getting yourself banned or caught. Below, you can follow these Steps To Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate Online.

Steps To Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate Online

Now that you are aware of the implications that come along when trying to use a fake IELTS, It’s important to always double check the credibility of your certificate by using any online verification tool, designed by the British Council or IDP.

However, doing an online verification is free and cost no fee. Why would you put yourself at risk due uncertainty of your IELTS certification, instead of verifying it online for assurance sake, prior to submission? Follow these steps to Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate Online.

STEP 1: Visit the Official website of IDP India

Follow this link to access the login page:
Once you are on the page, input your candidate name and password. One way to get them, is by checking your test booking confirmation email you got after booking a slot, or by contacting IDP India @ [email protected] or call  1800-102-4544.

Steps To Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate Online

STEP 2: Accessing your candidate portal

You will automatically be redirected to your candidate dashboard as seen on the image below. Click on  VIEW in order to see your result.


STEP 3: Scores and Verification confirmation

This is the area where, you will you will be able to confirm if your certificate is genuine or not. As seen on the image below, is the confirmation of an IDP India IELTS result. All you need to do is: Compare the scores as seen under your  candidate portal with the one you have on your certificateIf both scores are identical, then your certificate is genuine. Otherwise, it’s fake and you shouldn’t use it in any way.

How To Verify IDP India IELTS Certificate

STEP 4: Accessing your eTRF 

IDP India also provides the luxury of downloading your IELTS certificate from your dashboard. In order to achieve that, as seen on the image below click on View eTRF and the certificate PDF file will load automatically.


What is an eTRF?

eTRF stands for Electronic Test Report Form. This a softcopy PDF version of an IELTS certificate you download from your candidate dashboard. This revolution came after the covid-19 breakout. IELTS providers designed this alternative way so candidate shouldn’t bother visiting the local centers to collect their certificates. Also those who take the test from home, do end up with this type of TRF. The image below a sample of an eTRF provided by IDP INDIA.

Alternative way on how to verify an IDP IELTS Certificate

You may have obtained an IELTS certificate from another country that is not India. The good news is, there is a universal alternative way on how verify an IDP IELTS certificate without using any login credentials. Follow the steps below to get started:

STEP 1: Visit the official website of IDP result verification 

Follow this link to access the login page:

Input the following information for result verification:

  • First Name
  • Family Name
  • ID Number
  • Date Of Birth



how to verify an IDP IELTS Certificate

STEP 2: Confirmation of scores and result

If you successfully see your scores or result confirmation as seen on the image below, then your IDP IELTS certificate is genuine, otherwise it’s Fake. However your result may not display if the official result has not yet been released. So make sure the result of your test date is out before using this tool.

how to verify an IDP IELTS Certificate

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